Cinnamon Rolls with Milk Tiktok Hack

The Cinnamon Rolls with Milk TikTok hack is an easy way to make delicious cinnamon rolls using just two ingredients. The result is soft, gooey cinnamon rolls that are ready to enjoy in no time!

What is the TikTok Cinnamon Rolls Hack?

The TikTok cinnamon rolls hack involves pouring milk over store-bought cinnamon rolls before baking them. That's it. Just add the heavy cream to the pan when you are ready to back them. 

Why Bake Cinnamon Rolls with Milk

Baking cinnamon rolls with milk helps keep them soft and moist, enhancing their texture and flavor. The milk adds richness and tenderness to the dough, resulting in more delicious cinnamon rolls. It's a simple hack that can elevate the taste and texture of store-bought cinnamon rolls. 


What Can I Use Instead of Heavy Cream?

Instead of heavy cream, you can use alternatives like half-and-half, whole milk, or a combination of milk and butter for a similar richness in recipes. Cream cheese thinned with milk can also work for certain dishes, providing a tangy flavor.


  • 1 can cinnamon rolls
  • ½ c milk or heavy cream

How to Make the Viral TikTok Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Cream Hack

Preheat the oven to 325°.

Place cinnamon rolls into a pie dish.

Pour the milk or heavy cream into the plate so it goes about half way up the cinnamon rolls.

Bake for 20-25 minutes until the tops of the cinnamon rolls are golden brown and have soaked up the milk. Drizzle on the icing and enjoy!

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