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Marci Renee

Social Media Pages Created

Social Media Pages Created

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Social Media Pages Built For You

I'm so excited that you are ready to take the next step to grow your business. Social media is the biggest way to get word of mouth referrals.

Just pressure washed a house? Thank the customer on your social media pages with a picture or a video of the before and after. 

Have an automotive shop? Share a problem child vehicle, diagnose it and fix it! Interview the customer afterwards as they will be delighted!

Have a boutique? Schedule an appointment with customers to "dress" them. Thank them with a few pictures of their outfits and share to social media!

Are you a listing agent? Showcase the house with loads of ideas from creating a video with fun and current music to a gallery highlighting the selling points of the house. 

You get the idea! Social media is a huge tool in today's economy, more so for small businesses. Whether you run ads or not, it doesn't cost you much to get started as my prices are low!



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